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07 April 2014

Innovative assurance for broader reporting: Is there a better way?

By Mark O’Sullivan, Director of Corporate Reporting at PwC Twitter: @MsullsMark LinkedIn: Mark O’Sullivan As you’ve read on this blog many times, I firmly believe that sound business decisions – and the disclosures companies make around them – increasingly need... Read more

18 March 2014

Has the directors’ report had its day?

By John Patterson, Corporate reporting at PwC With December year end companies now publishing annual reports, it’s become clear that the advent of the strategic report has led to a downgrading of the directors’ report. It’s still a statutory requirement,... Read more

03 March 2014

Investor relations professionals focus on improving disclosures

By Jennifer Sisson, Responsible for investor engagement at PwC @jenlsisson It is great to see that investor relations teams around the world have told BNY Mellon that they are focusing on improving disclosure. When asked what their ‘top goals’... Read more

24 February 2014

New reporting regulations…what we’ve seen so far

By Elaine Forrest, PwC Corporate Reporting specialist When you spend your year reviewing annual reports, the start of a new reporting cycle is a bit like getting an unexpected present. You don’t know what’s inside, but it’s exciting to receive... Read more

07 February 2014

Megatrends drive reporting change – time to change gear?

By Mark O'Sullivan, Director of Corporate Reporting at PwC So how prepared are companies to deal with the fundamental external forces that CEOs think will have the most impact on their businesses over the next five years? This year’s PwC... Read more

18 November 2013

How does your reporting measure up?

With challenging new reporting requirements and the continuing pressure to communicate effectively with stakeholders, companies are facing a daunting task. In our recent reporting survey, you’ll find practical tips, investor insights and best practise examples to help with your reporting. Read more

25 October 2013

So how do you restore trust?

It’s a difficult question – and one that we’ve been talking to leaders about in a series of round table discussions this year. So I was interested to hear our chairman Ian Powell sharing three top-line actions from those round... Read more

04 October 2013

‘Excellence in reporting’ changes gear in 2013 awards

Our Building Public Trust Awards dinner is one of my favourite times of year. PwC spends a great deal of time working with companies, public sector organisation, investors, and other stakeholders to understand market needs and review how effectively these... Read more

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